Sunday, 21 June 2015

Exploring Shoreditch With Hannah

Hello everyone! I hope you're all enjoying Fathers Day.

I'm sorry I've been a little quiet this week, Katie and I have joined the gym again for the summer and as I hadn't been for over a month I was itching to get back to it! I've also started working again this week, I'm back at Clarks over the summer so if I'm a little quiet on here in August you know why as its back to school season!

Today I wanted to share some pictures I took whilst I was down in London on placement a few weeks ago...

I arrived in London on the Saturday 30th of May, two days prior to the start of my placement, so as you'd expect I got straight out onto the streets with my camera and my purse at the ready! Today I'm going to share with you all some pictures I took on Sunday 31st whilst myself and my good friend Hannah of Trust In Vogue were exploring Shoreditch...

I got off the tube at Old Street but Hannah got the overground to Shoreditch High Street so I met her there, just next to the pop-up haven: Box Park.

We were given a sample of the Mast Brothers chocolate in the store, I can't remember what flavour it was as they had a billion and one different variations but it was really good!

It did make us rather hungry though, so we went to Pizza East for a yummy lunch...

I loved the interiors of Pizza East, it looked so cool and funky. The pizzas we could see on other tables looked incredible but when I saw the oven-baked macaroni and cheese on the menu I couldn't resist. Hannah had the full english breakfast.


That day I was wearing my favourite Zara jeans, black low Converses (in Shoreditch, I know how sacrilegious of me!),  a new tee from Zara which I think is just adorable and my new summer staple; my green a-line jacket which is from Topshop.

I am simply in love with this jacket, if I can even call it that, its quite thin you see. I thought it would be perfect for throwing over my band tees in the summer and yet would keep me cool if I wore it throughout the day. I love the cut and especially the colour, although my family have started referring to it as 'Holly's gardening jacket'!

And that concludes the pictures of our day in Shoreditch. I do really like it round there, I've stayed in The Dictionary Hostel a few times on Shoreditch High Street and its really good for a cheap alternative to a hotel. I feel Shoreditch has such a 'like it or lump it' kind of feel, some parts are a little rough round the edges and others are just so colourful its unreal. I like that everything round there is independently owned and that there's quite a lot of pop-up venues as it means each time I'm in the area there's always something new. Its definitely worth a look as there's some gorgeous buildings and designs round there as well, everything is so funky or unusual.

So thats all for today, they'll be more soon as always. I hope you enjoyed these pictures and I'll speak with you shortly.


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